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The stock rooms

A historic collection

The palaeontological collections exhibited at Paleospace mainly come from the cliffs of ‘Les Vaches Noires’ and were sourced from private collections which were either donated or acquired.

Situated on the coast between Villers-sur-Mer and Houlgate the cliffs of ‘Les Vaches Noires’ are a result of the accumulation of marine sedimentary deposits dating from the Jurassic Period (from between 162 and 158 million years ago) and from the Cretaceous Period (around 99 million years ago). In these alternating layers of marl and limestone 100 metres high, numerous fossils have been discovered: pliosaurs 10 metres long, ichthyosaurs, a sort of marine crocodile, as well as ammonites, urchins and sponges. Even dinosaur remains have been found here!!!

The diversity of Paleospace’s collections:
The museum’s collections reflect the themes of the museum’s permanent exhibition.
Three major kinds of collections can be seen in the museum’s stock rooms:

      • The palaeontological collection,
      • The collection of stuffed animals,
      • The collection of naval objects.

Would you like to donate some fossils?

The Musée de France status makes the collections of Villers sur mer inalienable.

If you would like to donate your palaeontological specimens, please contact: Laurent Picot, 02 31 81 77 60